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MMA | BJJ | Muay Thai School | Nova Uniao Phuket

Chalong | Created: 9 April 2022, number: 585
150 THB
/ for 1 session
Sports: Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai 
Zones: Cardio zone, Combat zone, Ice bath, Mats, Octagon, Streching zone, Weight zone 
Training goal: Get in shape, Get new skills, Have fun, Improve health, Increase muscle mass, Lose weight, Make friends, Sharp skills, Streching 
Phuket's best gym for MMA and BJJ
- Nova Uniao Phuket is a premier martial arts gym located on the most famous fitness street in Phuket, Thailand. Led by an international leadership team, we offer a world class training experience in an organized and safe environment. The scope of our training includes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), MMA, Muay Thai, and functional fitness. With a strong focus on BJJ and MMA, our gym’s coaching team is led by an internationally known 3rd degree black belt in BJJ and MMA fighter (see profile), who has built programs in BJJ and MMA that range from beginners to experienced and professional fighters. With decades of fight and coaching experience, our Muay Thai team can also guide you through the basics as well as hone the skills of higher level practitioners.
- Nova Uniao is an internationally known martial arts organization with its roots in Brazil. Famous names such as Jose Aldo, BJ Penn, Renan Barao, Junior dos Santos, and Eduardo Dantas have all fought under the Nova Uniao banner. In building on the excellence established by team Nova Uniao, we have brought this same culture to Nova Uniao Phuket with the intent to provide worldclass training, facilities, and service.
- Brazilian Jitsu (BJJ) is a self defense martial art as well as a combat sport based on grappling, ground fighting techniques, and submissions. BJJ focuses on getting an opponent to the ground in order to neutralize possible strength or size advantages through ground fighting techniques and
submission holds. Perfect for self-defense, fitness, or fight life, BJJ focuses on establishing control, gaining a dominant position, and forcing submission through a variety of techniques.
- Nova Uniao Phuket head coach, Marcio Cesar Gracinha, is a 3rd degree black belt in BJJ with extensive coaching and tournament experience. Training sessions begin with an active warm up and full body stretching, followed by instruction on one/two techniques. We also offer the opportunity to practically apply those techniques through sparring as well as challenge yourself against our team’s champions.
- At all times during these sessions we practice professionally with safety and respect for each individual. Marcio and his team engage at all levels and will make sure to guide you through the challenges of this intricate sport.
- MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is a full-contact combat sport based on striking, grappling, and ground fighting, incorporating techniques across multiple disciplines from around the world.
- Nova Uniao head coach is a veteran MMA fighter with extensive coaching and fighting experience. Competing in some of the biggest promotions in the world, Marcio Cesar and his team provide world-class training tailored for beginners as well as professional fighters.
- Muay Thai, or the art of 8 limbs, was originally developed by the Thai army as a form of close-combat that utilizes the entire body as a tool for murder. Using eight points of contact, Muay Thai is unique in that the fighter uses every limb (hands/legs/elbows/knees) in order to disengage his opponent.
- As the national sport in Thailand, there is no better place to learn Muay Thai than at it’s heart, Nova Uniao Phuket. Our training is guided by fighters with decades of experience who love to share their knowledge and passion for the sport. Classes usually consist of a warm-up, technique instruction, bag work, and light sparring. Individual pad work tailored for all levels is also a staple of each class.
- As Nova Uniao Phuket is located in one of the capitals of Muay Thai in Thailand, we can also organize fights for more experienced practitioners and professional fighters.
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